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At All Sorted Financial Planning, we understand how important it is to keep yourself and your wellbeing protected for whatever life may throw your way. We help to ensure that your financial affairs are taken care of so you relax knowing a structured plan is in place to help and support your family and loved ones. Don't wait around, get yourself protected today!

Life Insurance

Life insurance can cover pretty much anything and everything you want it to. Common purposes include but are not limited to:

  • Mortgages
  • Inheritance
  • Family Income Benefits
  • Inheritance Tax

Every life is different so to say there is a ‘one size fits all’ policy out there would be very wrong to say.

We understand that it can get confusing so feel free to ask us any questions.

Accident & Sickness Cover

We all get sick, its unavoidable. Sometimes we are only sick for a few days, sometimes much longer than that. If you were ever off work for a long time from an accident or and illness you could end up affecting our ability to earn a living.

For a small monthly fee you can protect a portion of your wage to be paid to you monthly if you’re left in an unforeseen situation that stops you working.

Also, there are no medical questions, so its available to most.

Unemployment Cover

Times have been very worrying in the job market of recent. We have all seen high profile companies making mass redundancies. Although on most occasions you do get a redundancy payment its not always enough to get you through to your next job.

This cover can give you and income post employment in addition to any redundancy payments to help keep you afloat while you look for new work.

Income Protection

Unlike Accident, Sickness and Unemployment cover this is a medically based, so you will be asked medical questions. The flip side to this though is you can get more cover for cheaper.

Also this is great for self employed.

It works very similar to a furlough scheme, just its your own private version.

Critical Illness Protection

Where accident and sickness cover only pays out a proportion of your wages, Critical Illness will pay out however much you wish to be covered for. It also pays out as a lump sum rather than monthly instalments. Even if you’re still able to work with the illness you have contracted it will still pay out.

Different providers offer different amounts of illness you can be covered for so its important to make sure you get the right policy.

Guaranteed Under 50s

If you're under 50 and have been declined insurance elsewhere we understand your frustration. We have a select panel of insurers who will take you on regardless of your medical background.

We will never tell you ‘No’. Where other companies have failed you we will get you and your family protected.

No medical questionnaires or health screenings are required.

Guaranteed Over 50s

If you’re over 50 but have a good medical history this may not be the best product for you.

If you’re over 50 and have had a series of medical conditions you may wish to consider an over 50 plan. You wont be asked and medical questionnaires or be required to attend any health screenings. We will get you a whole of life, guaranteed pay out.

Some providers will stop collecting payments after a certain age and still give you the full cover!

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