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If you have one or more underlying health conditions that you are worrying about, then All Sorted Financial Planning can provide peace of mind and help you take care of your health, allowing you to focus on the nicer things in life. We offer a number of comprehensive services to assist you in planning for medical costs, treatments, prescriptions and much more. From diabetes to hereditary conditions, take a look below and see what we can help with.

Diabetes Cover

Whether you have type 1, type 2 or suffered with gestational diabetes we can get you insurance. Whether you’re looking for Life insurance, Income Protection or Critical Illness cover we can get you covered.

We will ask about your diabetes, if you have your latest HBA1c or mmol readings it will really help speed things along but its not essential.

You can get cover and we will find it.

Cancer Cover

Unfortunately, across some insurance providers the C word brings down the shutters and they don’t want to offer any cover at all.

We understand you are a survivor of cancer you will want cover so we have worked hard to find you providers that are happy to offer you cover.

Other Conditions

Regardless of your medical past we can get you cover. Whether its your life, income or the fear of future illnesses you’re wishing to protect we will find you insurance.

We know you’ve probably been turned away else where before, but we will get you cover.

We can even get you paid for hospital stay.

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